"Arguably the best anti theft device known to man."


To date, even after 45 years in business and 5 million installations worldwide, not one confirmed vehicle theft by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco Antitheft Device.







Why choose Ravelco for your auto security?
  • Ravelco has an unparalleled track record of success among auto security systems. Even after 45 years in business and 5 million installations, not one confirmed vehicle theft by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco.
  • Ravelco is the only anti theft product specifically mentioned by name in Car & Driver's list of 'Top Five Ways to Avoid Car Theft'. Ravelco appeared second, only after the suggestion to remove the keys to the vehicle. Car & Driver is the largest automotive magazine in the world.
  • Ravelco was the first and only vehicle immobilizer selected to partner with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to prevent auto theft. The NICB is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing vehicle theft in the USA.
  • Ravelco is the only automotive security system that professional thieves were unable to bypass in a staged test by the seven major insurance companies in Mexico. The thieves tried for 35 minutes and finally just gave up. Every other alarm and antitheft device tested was bypassed in under 3 minutes.
  • Ravelco is endorsed by law enforcement. For example, Ravelco is the only auto security device specifically recommended by name by the New Haven, CT police department. Quoting the NHPD website, "Ravelco System is an electronic plug. When it is removed it is impossible to start the vehicle."

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These are just a few of the reasons why we believe that Ravelco is the best auto security system for your car, truck, or heavy equipment. Before entrusting the safety of your vehicle to any other product, we strongly encourage you to read on and learn how thieves bypass many popular auto security systems currently on the market, such as car alarms, tracking systems, and factory-installed immobilizers.
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